The After Midnight Cabaret was founded in 2011, and have performed in various cities and venues in Western Washington. We are not your typical group of gals. We come from different backgrounds and different walks of life, but all share the same passion. We are truly a united group who has become the best of friends in the process of creating our versions of artsy fartsyness.


Everyone has different talents to offer from singing, dancing and performing to make-up and hair, costuming, building props and more. We have behind the schenes ladies who also do administrative work, run our website and work their butts off to share us with the world. 

No Matter what a Cabaret Member's technical role is, we are here to support each other and make sure that we put on the best show possible. We hope you join us soon!


All Stupid Poetry below by Jaynie Jezebel. 

Ariel LaRoux


Our dear Miss LaRoux

Will entertain all of you,

As she takes the whole crowd by the arm.

She will keep you in stitches

While calling you bitches

and never quite losing her charm."


Ariel's Page

Ember Sky


With Blue eyes like September,

In walks this girl Ember

With a gaze so soft and yet Steely.

She brings you hip dips

and with a bite of her lip,

She will kill you.

Just kidding. Not really.


Ember's Page

Miss Vega Night


Our Beloved Vega Night
Will cause quite a fright
If you talk too much to her man.
But though she won't touch
And YES hugs are too much,
She'll love you as much as she can.


MVN's Page



"Miss Ayla has found

When she twists her hips Round

She seduces all those in the crowd

Then you'll let down your guard

As this witch gets you hard

And then curses your boners out loud


Ayla's Page

Jaynie Jezebel


She's a tap dancing Momma
Who would rather dodge drama
And laugh the whole night long.
This Jaynie Jezebel
Might take you to Hell
While she taps or while singing a song.


Jaynie's Page

Misty Reign


Our dear Misty Reign 
Will never complain
About audiences as they engage.
With a cheer and a jiggle
She has just the right wiggle
While picking up undies onstage


Misty's Page

Betty Coupe


Come meet our Miss Coupe
Who looks just like Betty Boop
But Tattooed and a Badass to Boot.
With Ripe apples to pick
You will get a good kick
From viewing, but not picking...her fruit


Betty's Page

Carmen Caliente


Miss Carmen is a Prancer
Our own Latin Dancer

Who entertains like it's her duty. 

With a face like a doll

Hot body and all

And goodness! Just wait for the Booty.


Carmen's Page

Lily VonTrapp


You might just be witty
Or sing her soft kitty
For Lily to stay awhile
With her snark and a shake
Your heart she might break
With her cheeky vertical smile


Lily's Page

Lucy Luck


Our Miss Lucky Lucy
Has quite the Caboosie
With red hair and brains for days.
Not much can prepare you
Someday she may scare you
Scream "ICH LIEBE DICH!!!" in your face


Lucy's Page

Raven Hell


Whether its just her wiggle
Or maybe her giggle
She'll wrangle those kittens and please.
Though sometimes she'll scoff
And she might say "fuck off!"
All while keeping eye contact in tease.


Raven's Page