Big Top After Dark 2015

We love our Ringmaster, Ariel LaRoux. 

Our apologies to those of you with Coulrophobia. ;)

Sir Isaac sets up for Jaynie. 

Miss Jaynie the tap dancing Zebra. 

The lovely Razzle treats us to a Clown Fan Dance. 

Ember Sky performs as our tight rope walker. Above and Below. 

Our near sighted knife thrower Lily VonTrapp. That couldn't possibly end badly, for Razzle B Dazzle eh?

Above - Betty Coupe helps Carmen Caliente during her Intermission opener

Carmen Caliente is our favorite Candy Girl. 

Ariel's shadow has a mind of it's own. ;)

Lily Vontrapp and Lucy Luck open up the second half of the show as a snake and a charmer.

Left and bottom - Carmen Caliente with a fiery fan dance. 

Ariel chatting up the crowd.

Ember Sky is our favorite living Doll. 

Betty Coupe and Razzle take time to give out a raffle prize.  

Carmen Caliente and Jaynie Jezebel perform Mama Magician style. 

Our Guest performer Poppy Rouge, as a dark escape artist.  

As always, you were such a lovely crowd! Just look at you!

The Cast of the show, on stage and off - Left to right:


Ariel LaRoux, Sir Isaac, Lily VonTrapp, Carmen Caliente, Curvy Katrina, Razzle B Dazzle, Betty Coupe, Miss Vega Night, Raven Hell, Candy Coconuts, Lucy Luck, Jaynie Jezebel, Ember Sky


Not Pictured: Misty Reign, Poppy Rouge, Stephanie, Ariel Endure.